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A Lock And A Load of Bull
The NRA’s policy is now clear. They support arming their people to the level of the government in order to make sure that the government does what the NRA wants it to do. Then if the government doesn’t,the army of the NRA will try to make them. That’s right, they will try to make them with their guns and their Dum Dum bullets.

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All Victims of Obama
Now that Republicans have returned from their retreat and retool event. The new direction for the GOP with its supporting philosophy for the party now seams clear. Its the classic two pronged political “smile as you bite’em” attack designed to leave everything exactly as it is. On one hand they claim to be the humble victims of the Abominable Obama while on the other, in every state they can, they cut taxes for the rich and short change the middle class, working class and the poor. If that isn’t enough, they’re in the process of restructuring, in every state possible, existing election rules in order to steal the next election.

Guns For Kids

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Politics
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Guns For Kids
The test for any society is its ability to keep its citizens safe. In the case of death by guns, in the 6 weeks since the Newtown massacre 1,317 people have been shot dead. Its obvious that we have failed our test, but more importantly we have failed the mothers and fathers, boys and girls, relatives and friends and all who will never share in the light and joy of a life lived amongst them. Until we pass this test we shall all live in shame.

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Understand, this isn’t the first time Christian Missionaries, invaded Africa. But, this time they come from the United States bringing with them fundamentalist Christian Conservative Dogma that has greatly failed to ensnare most Americans. Why these zealots thought Africans would take to idea’s like “Executing homosexuals”, or “Legitimate Rape” is beyond most but the fact is they are advovating for the passage of these laws & preaching “hell & damnation” if they’re not enforced by confussed and misguided African nations. Please note: American Conservative Politicians including serving Senators and Congressman have continue to travel to these countries extolling these new missionaries and their message as though America agrees and supports them.

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What could be the driving force that motivates otherwise fare minded Americans to want to own guns that fire hundreds of rounds a minute. Is it patriotism, stupidity. fear, selfishness, self-defense or is there another reason.

Hiding Behind The NRA

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Law
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