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A Miscalculation
They’re actually going to allow sequestration to occur and as of March 1 2013 the great Republican gamble will begin. Most successful professional gamblers know the 1st rule of gambling success is “if you don’t know who will win don’t bet it”. Republicans have no idea what will happen if sequestration goes into effect but all economists agree that the economic health of this country and the world will be placed in jeopardy.

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The Benghazi Misdirection
Every day the Republicans continue to put the party’s struggle for power above whats good for us. Its time they learn that the same American People who elected the president are watching what they are doing and will decide what their future is, if any.


Posted: February 26, 2013 in Politics
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The Republicans are cheering on the coming of more unemployment, a weakened defense, the disappearance of our social safty net- the slowing down of our economy and the possible second coming of the great recession. Could it be that in order to regain power the Rep-Tea-Cons have decided on a stratagy to destabalize their own government?

News Lies And Liars

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Media
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News Lies And Liars
Nothing really more to say, the disrespect shown to our country by the lies & liars of the Rance Priebus army boggles the mind but these clowns never seem to get enough, so they just keep embarrassing themselves over and over and over.

A Great Gun Debate

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Law
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A Great Gun Debate-
When confronted with the facts, gun nuts fall back on the “founding fathers defense”, problem is they have no way of knowing if those thoughtful brilliant men would have given more studied thought to their right to bear a musket clause if it meant 30,000 souls a year would die from gunshots. Seems to most of us that the same men who crafted the blueprint for life & liberty for the greatest democracy the world would ever know, would have knowingly crafted a law that killed 30,000 of its citizens every year.

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Clagghorn On The Sequester
Republicans are cheering on the Sequester and with it the destabilization of the government of the United States. They have become a parady of a party so carzed by loosing the support of the American people that they would rather destroy it than work within its rules.

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Sorry But Its True-
The Catholic Church does an immense amount of good in the world but if it puts itself ahead of the wellbeing of its flock then it has not chosen the path of God-

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Another Renewable Ignoramus
Whatever the facts whatever the science the new political reality of the day is that if you deny facts and challenge truth long enough and loud enough, eventually, people will start to believe you. I mean, if its on the internet then it must be true. The inmates really have learned how to play the media and with it the millions who hang on to the gospel of its every word.

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Cruz Inhofed Hagel- In the case of Ted Cruz of Texas he is guilty of trying to grandstand his way to the top. Problem is he lied & made accusations against Hagel without proof, did so in front of the the entire country and was so outrageous and obvious in his antics that even John Mccain the fellow Republican who was leading the opposition to Hagel, dressed Cruz down in front of the committee and the news media.

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Violence Against Woman
The cynicism of Marco Rubio to vote against the Senate bill designed to protect women from violence proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Rubio’s only hope in 2016 is that the electorate is as ignorant and as out of touch with things here in America as he is.