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Going Fishing

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Clagghorn On States Rights
There are some politicians who’ve decided that the argument they use to stay on the wrong side of history with is the fight for States Rights and the Civil War, so much for our intrepid congressman and his fellow travelers Rand Paul and Ted (there are 50 no, 73 no, 147 communists under the bed) Cruz.

The Power To Kill

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Law
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The Power To Kill
When its late at night, and you think about your gun, what is it that makes you yearn to possess it? Is it for the protection it affords you or perhaps its the defense of the second amendment that its ownership represents. On the other hand, have you been seduced by a more powerful and basic reason? Has the power of granting life or death from its barrel become more addictive than the strongest of drugs. Only you know the truth.

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A Dick Cheney War
So why do you think Dick Cheney would “do it again in a heartbeat”? Because of WMD’s or Nukes? So sorry, there weren’t any. Because of the Al Qaeda connection? There was no connection? Because Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda were fighting a terrorist war against the United States? He wasn’t fighting or helping Al Qaeda fight a terrorist war against us? So why would dick Cheney do it again? Could it be because of the oil and all that money he and his friends could make a second time around. Coincidence you say, would you bet your son or daughters life on it?

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Russian Democracy
The shame of it is that the Russian people had the opportunity to build a democracy out the the rubble of communism but instead they allowed a system of corruption to be built designed to drain the financial life’s blood from their country. As for the people themselves, sadly, fear continues to be the one common denominator that drives them. After all this time and in less than 35 years after the fall of communism another band of barbarians has been allowed to take up the pirate flag of plunder.

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Profit In the 2nd Amendment
Perhaps the only real threat that marriage poses to our society is the marriage between The Firearms Industry and the NRA. Some say its more like a parent company and a division, while others believe its more master, slave. However, many of us see it more like that mother Alien who in the movie by the same name, birthed her baby monster up thru her chest before they both attempted to devour humanity.

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The Great And Powerful Oz
Finally after 10 years the reality of making our war in Iraq has revealed itself. The guy behind the curtain still hasn’t got a clue. The difference is that now he can’t do any harm but 10 years ago he made an illegal war on a sovereign country and was responsible for the death of 100’s of thousands of civilians. By his actions he became a war criminal and made his country an Outlaw in the eyes of the community of nations.

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Way Dumb
Do we deserve what Reince Priebus and the others leaders of the Rep-Tea-Cons are trying to do to our democracy? If we let them do it to our country then perhaps we do. On the other hand, if history is any indication of the future and we stand up to these same cowards, loudmouths, and bullies, they will most probably crawl back under the rocks they came from and wait for another chance to hijack our government. The fact is that our democratic way of life is worth fighting for and every time these miscreants slither out from under the protection of their holes its our responsibility to send them scurrying back down underground, again.

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A Great White Whine
Watching the Rep-Tea-Cons twist slowly in the winds of change in America, gives all the rest of us hope for the future- Before we celebrate to much, a word of caution, Wayne LaPierre sees it an an opportunity to sell more guns and ammunition, and that can’t be good for anyone except his NRA and their corporate purveyors of death.

CPAC Follies

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CPAC Follies
Just because the crazies, the cowboys, the politicians, and the paranoid gun maniacs all belong to and support the NRA doesn’t mean they don’t know whats going on. They know guns kill 30,000 people a year. They know, vouchers for medicare will hurt millions of seniors. They know, destroying medicaid, will ruin whatever life is left to shut-ins and their families. They know but if they don’t care about 30,000 lives lost, millions of seniors without health care, hundreds of thousands of former medicaid recipients in each state made destitute by Rep-Tea-Con politics, what makes anyone think they’ll give a damn about anyone else especially fellow citizens.