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The Rep-Tea-Con Sin
Its not that they knew what they were doing, cause they had no idea of the economics behind the politics, but now, that they see what they’ve done, they need to fix it –


Posted: April 29, 2013 in Society
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If you think about the numbers, then for our own sakes and for our country’s, we must grow up and take control of our wellbeing as a society, before its to late.

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A Library For W
The rewriting of history began in ernest today with the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. I can’t help but think that it was built on the bones of all those who died at Ground Zero, and the dead and wounded of Iraq and Afghanistan both military and civilian. Never in the last hundred years of American History has there been a more clear cut criminal decision to wage an illegal war yet we just built a Library honoring the Jackass who did it.

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The Republicans are now trying to connect the Boston attacks to Benghazi, the Times Square Bomber, the Underwear Bomber, The Shoe Bomber, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao. However, even in the world of Right Wing, wrong headedness, the callous opportunism displayed by these Trolls is epic and shameful.

A Boston Excuse

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Life Style
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A Boston Excuse-
The Dimwits of the right have started to disrupt and stir the pot of racism and reaction. Across FOXNEWS the word Muslim now has been underlined as a dirty & terrorist word. The pig who under the name of Rush Limbaugh has warned us that criminal democrats & the left will start to compare the Victimhood of Trevon Martin to the Boston Bomber- I have news for Rush, the only victims here are the digit-heads who listen to & believe what a “pig boy” named Rush Limbaugh has to say.

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Richie Havens My Friend
When we were kids we were part of history, we participated in life, in art, music, love and wonder. I don’t think we knew how lucky we were to live in that time, but we were.

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Clagghorn On Exploiting The Dead
The entitled have run this land ever since they dispossessed the native people, then systematical eliminated them. They took over control of all the natural resources and then manipulated the millions of immigrants needed to exploit their stolen wealth. Control of the marketplace and fortunes in profits was their goal then, as it is now. The NRA, its scare tactics and fear mongering are just the latest of their ploys. This time we must stop them and the scared little boys and girls who are doing their bidding now. But its not just a question of money, 30,000 human lives a year, are at stake.

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No Choice – Background Checks
You have no choice in the matter. We will decide if you have a right to own a gun in our society. It is a public safety issue and public safety trumps you right to own a gun, every day of the week. You won a battle but the American people will win the peace.

News 2 Show Biz

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Media
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News 2 Show Biz
If CNN goes back to basics and concentrates on journalism and they will beat FOXNEWS in a walk –

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The Big Convincer
So the question is, why is the NRA against the United Nations International Gun Trafficking Treaty? The answer seems to be that the Arms Industry who finances the NRA makes billions for the sales of weapons & ammunition to countries, war lords, cartels, and folks of all kinds, world wide. After all its just a matter of business.