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Execution In Florida-
The politics of running for Governor in Florida is first to run a company that was fined $1.7 billion after pleading guilty to 14 felonies. Second, to execute as many people as possible, as quickly as possible before any have the chance to prove they’ve been wrongly convicted.

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When Hubris Rules –
The question is, are the rulings against voting rights and for allowing gay marriage in Callie, connected and premeditated by the those who saw them as an opportunity to give states the means to fight the Progressive Movement? If this is so, the movement needs folks who are smarter and up to the task –

A Shameful Day

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Law
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A Shameful Day
Last year Texas among other States tried to limit polling places in minority areas across the state and the Justice Dept. stopped them cold. Now, thanks the Roberts Court, Texas can limit voting till the cows come home and there is nothing anyone can do. It truly is a shameful day in America and especially in the court that rules supreme.

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Clagghorn On Surveillance:
The Patriot Act must reflect the democratic principles its designed to protect and the congress must do the oversight its paid the do. Funny how most of the politicians who’ve demanded the renewal of the Patriot Act year after year have never taken the time to read and understand the damn thing.

No Report – No Abort

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Law
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No Report – No Abort
New House Abortion bill says if rape isn’t reported to Police – no abortion can occur no matter what the reason.

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Ted Cruz Flat Tax Swell Head
if you make $30,000. a year a Flat Tax of 10% is $3,000. so you can live on $27,000. a year. If you make $200,000. a year a Flat Tax of 10% leaves you with $180,000. a year to live on. Guess why Cruz supports the Flat Tax.

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Inquisition BachmannCruz Style
The question facing the grand inquisitor is, why are there so many parents naming their kids, Karl Marx?

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A War On Women Continues-
I’m not upset that the Rep-Tea-Cons keep shooting themselves in the foot. I’m upset that they are not contributing to the future but instead are living in and celebrating the ignorance of the past –


Oaths Are For Wimps –
In reality its very serious, there are people living all over the world, in very difficult circumstances, whose lives are impacted directly by a country whose decisions are fueled in part by the information it gathers. Information, its gathering & security is in reality, very serious business. Its not a CCN Network Special.

American History 2013

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Guns
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American History 2013
How much more “insurrection speak” does the right wing have to voice before the federal government puts these crazy’s in jail where they belong.