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Rick Perry World –
Governor Perry has just announced he will not run for another term. If he doesn’t retire to his N word named fishing camp deep in the heart of Texas he just might try to run (heaven forbid) for President again, in 2016. On the other hand, some of us will enjoy it immensely.

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A Couple From Hell-
With all the trash piling up in North Carolina and Texas it might do us some good to look at some Hollywood trash, for a change of pace.

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The Rep-Tea-Cons are lining up all their ducks and again threatening government gridlock. This, despite what their economic policies created the first time. This time, its their anger at not getting their way and it may destroy their ability to function as a major political party.

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What A Bigot Looks Like-
Sorry, but there is still racism in the United States Of America- just look at the congress.

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Auld Lang Syne-
I guess in truth these gun waving clowns want us to “return with them to those thrilling days of yesteryear” when the Lone Ranger on his great horse Silver rode the plains firing hot lead out of each six shooter – they rode along in their own imagination and seem still to be riding –

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The Big Gamble-
Its time to stop gambling with our planet. People like the Koch Bros. and other pirates have been fighting off a carbon tax and any other provision that will stop them from squeezing every last cent out of the energy they sell before its carbon destroys the planet.

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Always The Wrong Side
If Rep-Tea-Cons like Blackburn keep doing politics by the old rules, we may not be able to recover, ever.

Stupid In Texas

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Law
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Stupid In Texas:
With all the Right Wing anger and hate in Texas its a wonder they don’t collectively, stamp their feet in rage until they disappear.

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Bankway Robbery-
Giant American banks strike again at customers who can’t strike back- Banks may be too big to fail but they are not too big to cheat minimum wage workers from what little money they have.

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No Safe Place –
When the media makes billions filling our kids with everything Gangsta on one side and the NRA spends billions to sell guns to nincompoops playing a cop on the other side, the inevitability of a wannabe sheriff killing the 17 year old black kid in a hoodie, was unavoidable –