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Clagghorn On Surveillance:
The Patriot Act must reflect the democratic principles its designed to protect and the congress must do the oversight its paid the do. Funny how most of the politicians who’ve demanded the renewal of the Patriot Act year after year have never taken the time to read and understand the damn thing.

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Clagghorn On StateCraft
Ah…. the old grab them by the balls and they will follow us anywhere – foreign policy, has been out of date for a hundred years, but for those still living in the first half of the 20th century it still seems to make some kind of irrational sense.

Clagghorn On Benghazi

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Clagghorn
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Clagghorn On Benghazi
So there it is, in order to “get” President Obama, Rep-Tea-Cons will do and say anything. Case in point, they made up and reworded “Benghazi” emails in order to prove their version of the truth. I guess in Rep-Tea-Con land, when the truth disproves your assertions, you make up a new truth that you hope people will believe.

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Clagghorn On Military Woman
Sorry, but when you put McCain, Graham, Inhofe and Clagghorn in the same room, what you get is a real life version of Stanley Kubrick’s, Dr Strangelove, bodily fluids and all.

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Clagghorn On Exploiting The Dead
The entitled have run this land ever since they dispossessed the native people, then systematical eliminated them. They took over control of all the natural resources and then manipulated the millions of immigrants needed to exploit their stolen wealth. Control of the marketplace and fortunes in profits was their goal then, as it is now. The NRA, its scare tactics and fear mongering are just the latest of their ploys. This time we must stop them and the scared little boys and girls who are doing their bidding now. But its not just a question of money, 30,000 human lives a year, are at stake.

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Clagghorn On States Rights
There are some politicians who’ve decided that the argument they use to stay on the wrong side of history with is the fight for States Rights and the Civil War, so much for our intrepid congressman and his fellow travelers Rand Paul and Ted (there are 50 no, 73 no, 147 communists under the bed) Cruz.

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Clagghorn On Deserving The Vote
Could the solution to the Republican fixation on limiting the vote of anyone who disagrees with them be the return to the concept of property ownership, as the only qualifier for voting?

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Clagghorn On The Sequester
Republicans are cheering on the Sequester and with it the destabilization of the government of the United States. They have become a parady of a party so carzed by loosing the support of the American people that they would rather destroy it than work within its rules.

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Clagghorn On Capitalism
Why shouldn’t America’s Congressman celebrate the success of the 1% by using the rule of law? He wrote the damn things for god sakes & they paid him good money, ok.


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