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Clagghorn On Exploiting The Dead
The entitled have run this land ever since they dispossessed the native people, then systematical eliminated them. They took over control of all the natural resources and then manipulated the millions of immigrants needed to exploit their stolen wealth. Control of the marketplace and fortunes in profits was their goal then, as it is now. The NRA, its scare tactics and fear mongering are just the latest of their ploys. This time we must stop them and the scared little boys and girls who are doing their bidding now. But its not just a question of money, 30,000 human lives a year, are at stake.


Guns For Kids

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Politics
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Guns For Kids
The test for any society is its ability to keep its citizens safe. In the case of death by guns, in the 6 weeks since the Newtown massacre 1,317 people have been shot dead. Its obvious that we have failed our test, but more importantly we have failed the mothers and fathers, boys and girls, relatives and friends and all who will never share in the light and joy of a life lived amongst them. Until we pass this test we shall all live in shame.

A Change In The Law

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Law
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