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Buying North Carolina
The Rep-Tea-Con agenda is simple, the plan is to control as many states as possible through limiting the vote, gerrymandering the electorate or buying the state outright. To them, the method matters not, it is the end result that counts.

Segregation 2013

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Politics
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Segregation 2013
Separating groups of citizens from one another has been the very successful tactic of the ruling classes from the beginning of civilized history to the present. Concept being, if the folks are busy fighting each other because of race, religion, politics, food & water they won’t have time to fight the ruling classes. Now the Rep-Tea-Cons are doing it again by setting immigrants against citizens, the upper middle class against the poor and the low white middle class against everyone else who seems to be striving to be successful. Its time these crud stirring attack cretins be revealed for the malicious villains they really are.

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Dead Silence
If hunting was an outdoor sport that pitted man against animal then at least it would have the appearance of a fair fight- But technology that helps a hunter to become a mass killer and hunters who uses it to kill indiscriminately should be criminalized with consequences –