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Half A Summer Of Shame-
We have half the summer to turn it around otherwise if we keep playing Mr. Nice Guy they will sweep us off the field while we try and figure out whats the right thing to do. We can’t let that happen.

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When Hubris Rules –
The question is, are the rulings against voting rights and for allowing gay marriage in Callie, connected and premeditated by the those who saw them as an opportunity to give states the means to fight the Progressive Movement? If this is so, the movement needs folks who are smarter and up to the task –

A Shameful Day

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Law
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A Shameful Day
Last year Texas among other States tried to limit polling places in minority areas across the state and the Justice Dept. stopped them cold. Now, thanks the Roberts Court, Texas can limit voting till the cows come home and there is nothing anyone can do. It truly is a shameful day in America and especially in the court that rules supreme.